23 01 2010

Happy Saturday!! Hope you’re all having a great day! It’s a sunny day here!

Chocolate update: I haven’t eaten a single piece of any kind of chocolate since Monday afternoon! 8) Booyah! It’s definitely gotten a lot easier as the days go by but I still miss it!

My day so far has been excellent! Had a lil sleepy sleep in and then I was off to Weight Watchers with my friend Jen and her mom who decided to join WW! Our plan was to hit WW then the gym! Since Jen used to work at Goodlife she knows a lot of the trainers there so her friend April agreed to meet us at the gym and show us some stuff.

It was awesome!!

We started with 20 mins of cardio since April was running a little behind. Then we started our circuits doing 2 leg exercises (squats & lunges), 2 arm exercises (push ups & assisted pull ups)  and 1 core/ab exercise (plank) followed by 5 mins of intense cardio. We repeated the circuit for a total of 3 rounds. It was a great workout!

I was really happy to finally get some use out of the weight machines. I have been going to the gym for over a year but have only ever either gone to a class or used a cardio machine.

I bought my gym pass through work so I got a very discounted price (I paid almost half the price I had been quoted as a reg member) but lately I had been struggling to decide whether or not I want to keep my membership. Paying through a corporate membership means you have to pay upfront for a year at a time and although the price is very nice (rhyme!!) it’s still a big commitment. I’ve flip flopped back and forth so many times about the membership. It’s cheap, there are many locations throughout the city, they offer classes, have lots of machines and decent facilities. But part of me wonders could I get the same sort of exercise on my own at home?

So, what would you do?  Is a gym membership worth it to you? Or, do you prefer working out at home/outside? I have another month or so to make up my mind!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m off for a little lie down to watch some 24 season 1!! 🙂




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26 01 2010

I think at this point I would be lost without my gym membership. I find that it gives me a goal…a place I need to be. If I try to plan to only do things at home, I totally make excuses (plus FH is home a lot and I can’t/won’t workout when he’s here).

Good job on the chocolate challenge. That would be soooo hard!!

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