No chocolate for one week?

21 01 2010

Does the title scare you? It scares me, that’s for sure!!

It’s Thursday…which means it is almost Friday and it also means that I am done 4 Booty Camp sessions so far! 4 down, 12 to go!

WOW!! is what I say to the classes so far! My instructor Lauri is awesome! No hate towards my last instructor but her classes were a walk in the park compared to Lauri’s.  The classes are the kind where your whole body shakes, you keep glancing at the clock and you are drenched in sweat 25 mins in. I expect some great results by the end of the 8 weeks! As long as I can keep my eating habits in check…

Lauri is so invested in her class and she made us hand in food diaries with a typical weekday and a typical weekend. Now, I’m not gonna lie, I thought my food diary was going to rock her socks! Sadly, it did not. I got my sheet back last night and was almost embarassed. Lauri pointed out to me that I was probably eating too much sugar and not enough protein.  😳

I’ve always considered myself to be a chip-aholic. If there is a bowl of chips out at a party or an event you can bet I am going to grab a handful. But I’ve never even considered that I would be a sugar addict..until recently. While I have learned to limit and control my chip urges, by making them a special treat, I have not done anything to limit my sugar. I guess it’s because I’ll grab a piece of chocolate here and there or a handful of candy and not think twice about it.

So, when Lauri challenged us on Monday night to NO chcolate for a week including chocolate flavoured foods, my jaw almost hit the floor.  Ok I had a mini panic attack.. I mean, I had just been eating some dark chocolate right before I left for class.. 😯

But I am proud to say that I have not had a single bite of chocolate since Monday! Booyah!

Stay tuned for next week when not only do I have Booty Camp but I start the Running Room clinic next Thursday!

Thanks for reading!

(sidenote: I feel kinda bad that this post has no pics..I love looking at other blogger’s I will now show you some smilies I find funny 😈 😆 8) )


Posting fright…?

13 01 2010

Hey there!! Thanks in advance for reading!!

WOW it’s been.. 2? weeks since my original post! Sorry if you were waiting with bated breath I was sick all last week. How lame is that? Really though I took Tuesday, Wednesday aft and Thursday off work.  I thought I was pretty healthy but survey says not so much. It was just a really bad cold with a buttload of mucus and a sore throat. If any of you are sick or have been recently I send you 100 tissues.

Anyhoos.. that meant I didn’t get so much on the exercise train last week nor was I on the healthy eating boat. All is back to normal now and last night I had my first session with Booty Camp Fitness! I actually did a Booty Camp session in the fall, but only did 4 weeks, this time I’m doing the full 8! Last night was GREAT, I loooove my instructor Lauri and I am very sore/tight today!

Today, Lauri sent out a calendar of recommended exercises to do on days we don’t have a session, since BCF also supplies a DVD. Let me tell you, I will be working out a lot for the next few months! I really hope I can keep up… especially since I start a half-marathon clinic in 2 weeks!

So, that’s sort of my plan for the next 5 months. Here’s an example of what my Google Calendar is looking like so far.

Um, say whaaaaat? Is it just me or does it look like I pretty much have only a handful of days off?? Clearly, all of this exercise probably won’t happen. I will most likely do Booty Camp 2x a week, then I have the clinic Thursday nights and a practice run on Sundays and finally I might throw in a Booty Camp DVD workout on Friday or Saturday! Busy busy! But somewhat worth it if I want results, right??

Anyways I think that’s all I have to say about that for tonight! Like I said before I am not exactly sure what kind of direction I want this blog to go. I do know that my favourite blogs are funny, more pics, less words, heartwarming, hilarious, informative. Basically if you can laugh and make me cry in one post then you’re a winner!

I’m going to try and update my About page now because my blog stats say that page gets hit a lot…  hopefully it will be more pics less words!

Thanks for reading!!! xoxo