Posting fright…?

13 01 2010

Hey there!! Thanks in advance for reading!!

WOW it’s been.. 2? weeks since my original post! Sorry if you were waiting with bated breath I was sick all last week. How lame is that? Really though I took Tuesday, Wednesday aft and Thursday off work.  I thought I was pretty healthy but survey says not so much. It was just a really bad cold with a buttload of mucus and a sore throat. If any of you are sick or have been recently I send you 100 tissues.

Anyhoos.. that meant I didn’t get so much on the exercise train last week nor was I on the healthy eating boat. All is back to normal now and last night I had my first session with Booty Camp Fitness! I actually did a Booty Camp session in the fall, but only did 4 weeks, this time I’m doing the full 8! Last night was GREAT, I loooove my instructor Lauri and I am very sore/tight today!

Today, Lauri sent out a calendar of recommended exercises to do on days we don’t have a session, since BCF also supplies a DVD. Let me tell you, I will be working out a lot for the next few months! I really hope I can keep up… especially since I start a half-marathon clinic in 2 weeks!

So, that’s sort of my plan for the next 5 months. Here’s an example of what my Google Calendar is looking like so far.

Um, say whaaaaat? Is it just me or does it look like I pretty much have only a handful of days off?? Clearly, all of this exercise probably won’t happen. I will most likely do Booty Camp 2x a week, then I have the clinic Thursday nights and a practice run on Sundays and finally I might throw in a Booty Camp DVD workout on Friday or Saturday! Busy busy! But somewhat worth it if I want results, right??

Anyways I think that’s all I have to say about that for tonight! Like I said before I am not exactly sure what kind of direction I want this blog to go. I do know that my favourite blogs are funny, more pics, less words, heartwarming, hilarious, informative. Basically if you can laugh and make me cry in one post then you’re a winner!

I’m going to try and update my About page now because my blog stats say that page gets hit a lot…  hopefully it will be more pics less words!

Thanks for reading!!! xoxo